If real-time tracking of objects and people is core to your business, you need the right system to easily deploy it at low cost and at scale.

Well suited for business requiring tracking of subjects moving throughout indoor infrastructures, BLEAT’s patented technology offers ON DEVICE  localisation via a low maintenance, long-term algorithm and hardware solution.


Localisation on the BLETags (tracking devices)

Proprietary localisation algorithm on a custom and commercial Internet of Things (IoT) hardware.

Tags easily attachable to objects, people and different materials

Exceptionally low power (typical 5uA when static), BLETags have an accelerometer, NFC, LEDs and a buzzer.

Novel IoT protocol for context awareness

Allows tracked subjects to broadcast their location and state information to be processed according to subject specific rules.


We are open to partnerships and collaborations for research, development, and commercialisation.