About Senaps


Senaps is an Internet of Things (IoT) Application Enablement and Data Management cloud-based platform developed and being commercialised by CSIRO’s Data61 Distributed┬áSensing Systems Group.

Senaps is a framework which allows you to build your own product by getting data in, analysing and distributing it to custom user-facing applications.

Built-in security, data storage and APIs are allowing companies in agriculture, environment, smart buildings and more, to focus on their competitive advantage.

With a basic generic user interface, Senaps combines multiple datasets in a cloud environment with open APIs, allowing users to draw useful insights from data.

Senaps key features:

  • General:
    • Designed to support near real-time data driven products.
    • Fine grained role-based authorisation system.
    • Self-service open REST APIs for all services.
    • Cross-organisation sharing framework for data and analysis modules.
  • Analysis Service:
    • User extendable cloud-based composable analysis workflows.
    • Support for hosting customer analysis code using common data science tools including Python and R.
    • Integrate existing analysis software algorithms, models and libraries.
  • Data storage services:
    • Scalable time-series data service.
    • Support for multidimensional gridded spatial datasets such as climate and weather observations and forecasts, soil maps etc.


Well suited for start-ups, SMEs and research organisations, Senaps is a well-established platform that can help you build or enhance your data-driven product, getting it to market quickly, securely and economically.

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Small Medium Enterprises and Start-ups:

Senaps allows you to get your data driven product to market faster. If your product uses real-time data and complex analytics, you can leverage the Senaps platform to host your analysis and focus your investment on what makes your product unique, avoiding the expense of developing generic functionality.

Researchers and innovative organisations:

Senaps provides you with a framework for deploying existing and new algorithms and models to quickly get the results to your partners and clients.

Senaps provides an alternative to licensing through its Software as a Service (SaaS) model, lowering barriers to derive value from your algorithms and models, whilst protecting your IP.


Compared to other IoT platform, Senaps is unique in allowing users to integrate their existing complex analytics in scientific workflows to deliver insights.

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With Senaps you get:

  • Support for integrating gridded spatial data sources such as soil maps, weather observations and forecasts.
  • The ability for users to set up sharing rules for real-time data and analysis modules.
  • Custom analysis modules enforcing a standard interface which allows for re-use across applications and sharing with other users.
  • Semantic time series meta-data that supports the creation of portable applications decoupled from their source data and analysis.
  • A sharing environment for cross-organisation data analysis whilst protecting each organisations’ respective IP.
  • The ability for users to add custom analysis using common data science tools, such as Python and R.
  • An analysis framework for integration into existing, legacy or 3rd party code.


By connecting multiple data with new and existing analytics models, Senaps provides a framework for enhancing existing or creating new data-driven products.

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