Ceres Tag – livestock provenance & management

September 26th, 2019

CSIRO and agtech company Ceres Tag have created a livestock information platform using a proprietary smart ear tag to help stakeholders along the livestock supply chain network to know the location, welfare, health and performance of their livestock.

For many livestock producers, locating and monitoring the activity of their livestock has been a time-consuming and often costly challenge.

Ceres Tag builds on years of CSIRO’s research in livestock production and long-term sensing and tracking. It features geo-location for greater traceability and provenance of livestock and provides a platform for other possible applications in the future such as carbon credits, insurance and trading.

The data collected from the tags can be translated into knowledge to improve management of both livestock and paddock utilisation.

The ear tags along with the data insights provided by Senaps give producers greater control over grazing management, allowing them to locate livestock remotely and alert them to stock theft, illness or if an animal is giving birth.

The aim is to reduce operating costs, increase operational efficiency and additional financing opportunities through better management of livestock through data.

Ceres Tag uses Senaps as their data management platform to connect all sensor data with their partners who develop the end-user facing applications. The open APIs and sophisticated authorisation models allow Ceres Tag to work with a suite of partners, who will all access overlapping the subsets of data and analytics to target their specific customer segments and use cases.