Weather Together – tailored weather forecast

September 26th, 2019

CSIRO Agriculture and Food is working with the Bureau of Meteorology to transform weather forecast data and tailor it for farmers and agribusiness in a way they’ve never had before.

Rainfall near Balaklava, South Australia. Credit CSIRO John Coppi

Farmers, agronomists, agribusiness, suppliers, banks and others all need to make decisions that depend on the weather and climate.

This information is needed at their fingertips and presented in a way that is directed to the specific decisions they need to make such as when to sow or harvest crops.

This information can be as simple as the weather forecast or as complex as a crop yield forecast. Many also want it personalised for their individual farm.

Weather Together utilises multiple Senaps features to integrate the private weather observations from the agriculture industry with the Bureau of Meteorology observations and forecasts to provide tailored forecasts specifically for the location of the private weather station, to assist people to make decisions relevant to them.

Senaps connects to customers’ weather data APIs to ingest private weather station data from various customers.

The Senaps framework allows this IP to be easily rolled out to multiple customers.

Localised weather forecast dashboard.

By using the Senaps Analysis Service, it hosts a complex calibration algorithm to adjust the forecasts by localising them to the local conditions for each private weather station. This localised forecast data is then provided back to customers through the Senaps APIs. This is all done in near real-time and updated with each new forecast available from the BoM. The Senaps framework can apply the same algorithm to multiple customers.