Sense-T: data driven transformation

September 25th, 2019

Sense-T is creating the world’s first economy-wide intelligent sensor network that integrates different data sources to build a digital view of Tasmania.

Image source: Sense-T website.

They have built an innovative spatio-temporal Data Platform using Senaps. The platform allows near real-time data to be processed and combined, enabling industry partners and government to store data related to the physical world, and place it in the context of time and space. Decisions can then be made based on the location and context for their specific needs.

The Sense-T Data Platform also provides a unique foundation for protecting confidential information and enabling re-use and sharing of data as appropriate. The Platform is a central hub where data can be drawn into an ecosystem of external applications specific to industry sectors.

Sense-T is established on the premise that we all benefit by sharing data, so long as privacy is protected. Sense-T is putting in place best practice data policies and procedures with the support of the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

By using the Senaps framework, Sense-T draws real-time data into a cloud, to be aggregated with spatial and historical data. Sensor data that previously measured one thing, for one purpose or organisation, can be re-used and shared for the benefit of everyone.

This allows sophisticated modelling and data analysis in real-time. Sense-T will provide web services and publish Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) so people can access the data to develop apps. New ideas can then be tested using Sense-T and scaled cost-effectively elsewhere.